You create special relationships with runners and your community. We take runners to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Highline Collabs is a great way to provide your customers with unique running experiences without having to do all the heavy lifting. In our nearly 10 years of experience in Run Specialty, we know the value of providing customers with the kinds of experiences that they can’t find anywhere else. In addition to exceptional service and great local community events, customers are looking for new ways to engage with their favorite stores and have brand experiences that only you can provide.

Highline collabs are developed by Highline but branded with your store’s branding, giving you the opportunity to associate your brand with high quality, once-in-a-lifetime types of experiences that your customers will never forget and that give you the opportunity to generate some revenue and create more loyalty with your customers.

Our trips are designed with your customers in mind. Activities can include a healthy balance of runs, hikes, sightseeing and unique adventures that the visitor center won’t tell you about. We can provide custom branded welcome kits with your store’s branding and messaging and make programming changes based on your store’s priorities.

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