Exploring the Dolomites with JT and Ryan was the trip of a lifetime! Their thoughtfulness and attention to detail in curating an experience that is unforgettable and challenging (in the most exciting of ways) will make you forget about your phone, plugging in, and any general life stress and leave you wondering why you’re not adventuring more. I think that’s what’s most special is their core values makes all their guests remember and reconnect to theirs. 10/10 would recommend. They give alumni discounts, too. Woot woot, I’ll see you again!
— Jen M. Philadelphia, PA
For me the Dolomite trip was a gift to self to celebrate my 60th birthday! It was the most amazing trip and exceeded my expectations! The Dolomites are so majestic and beautiful! The sunrises and sunsets were the perfect way to start and end the day. But it was our daily hikes and runs, that were so perfectly organized by JT & Ryan through these incredible mountains that made the day FULL of fun and adventure!! Every aspect of the trip was seamless! Thank you JT & Ryan for organizing this absolutely amazing trip & For memories that will last a lifetime!
— Diane Z. Reston, VA
JT and Ryan were the best in giving tough love and gentle guiding when the trek got tough. I would highly recommend going on a Highline adventure.
Every detail was covered and communication about the trip was spot on! Thanks for a great time.
— Carole H. Philadelphia, PA